View Full Version : Kali Linux - new user questions

2022-04-09, 15:10
Putting together the software end of things for teaching myself cybersecurity tools like Nessus within Kali Linux. Kinesthetic learner, so full hands-on approach w/ YT tutorials. I've narrowed down which Kali Linux (Containers, Virtual Machine, WSL) seem suitable but not certain which best suits my needs. So going to lay out my current study situation and asking your feedback.

1) Whichever of the three Kali Linux versions I use, want to put it on an external drive (SSD is 250 GB, regret not getting higher capacity, but not planning to upgrade/replace PC soon). To your knowledge, where it's installed should have no effect whatsoever on its performance? Far as I've learned w/ various software, it doesn't care where you install it.

2) New to cybersecurity tools, and from watching tutorials, seems best place to be curious is Kali Linux where needn't worry about affecting my hardware. Are there any particular YT channels you'd recommend?

3) To maintain curiosity and desire to learn in Kali Linux, I'm thinking 2-3 hours study daily. Work full-time 2nd shift 5 days a week along with cooking my own food, so planned part-time to avoid burnout. For hobbies and the like, to cultivate and maintain skills like logic, are there any particular ones you've found helpful? Exercise, long walks in sun, learning a musical instrument, reading, creative writing, and tried many others besides. Simply, I want to ensure that between Kali Linux lessons, I'm better preparing myself for the next one.

Thanks in advance!