View Full Version : Did anyone try to convert Debian to Kali instead of building a custom image?

2022-04-22, 14:50
I found this here https://gist.github.com/warecrash/f35d4f9a822c452b0c54bbdb47c0c9a5 and it made me wonder if instead of going through the hassle of building a custom image for a BeagleBone Black, I could just install Debian on it, and then do something similar....

2022-05-07, 02:29
After creating a backup image of the install, I tried the above, and in essence, it works.
The steps lack the removal of the debian sources, and I still have the non-Kali-kernel and the corresponding manual kernel update scripts, but things otherwise work as expected

2022-05-09, 16:50
could I do this with Ubuntu?

2022-05-09, 16:51
could I do this with Ubuntu? I have a problem with my computer where I cant use the kali live images with it(it justs boots into the GRUB command prompt). so i have been trying to find a way to fix this.