View Full Version : Kali linux in Mac Recommendations?

2022-04-24, 07:37
Hello, i recently get a MacBook, and i want recommendation about installation.
Is a little bit old mac from 2015 (i5 8gb).

I don't know if is better to make a Bare metal installation or install from a VM. But how the mac is a little bit old i think could be slow or something in the VM.

Any recommendation?
Anyone uses VM and kali in an old mac? how is the performance?


Fred Sheehan
2022-06-29, 09:45
Bare metal Kali on a Macbook is doable but often painful to get going, easiest to run it in a VM and use a USB wireless adapter for the VM to have wireless access if you need it.
A VM already gets a virtual ethernet that can connect to the internet and you can use non wifi network tools already in a VM..

If you want all the hardware for Kali, set up a bootable USB (especially an SSD drive for max speed) of Kali and again use a USB wireless adapter, that will be very fast and less headaches.

As you have 8 GB ram and an i5 I'd go VM route personally with a USB WiFi adapter and you'll be good to go with least amount of headaches!

I'm using a 2017 Macbook Pro to run Kali in a VM this way and its fast!