View Full Version : Sparta/Legion siza

2022-05-01, 14:07
For those having the issue of the Sparta/Legion gui opening up so large as to obliterate panel and bottom of the screen, here is something I discovered

You have two ways (maybe more since I am not genius) to solve this issue. 1) start Legion/Sparta from the cli, when it opens click on the icon in the panel and set to "always on top". This will give you access to the menus. When done return to the cli (it should be visible on the right or left) then ctrl c the application will stop and the gui will shut down.

2)Using vim or nano edit legion.py from :

MainWindow.move(x - MainWindow.geometry().width() / 2, y - MainWindow.geometry().height() / 2)
MainWindow.move(x - MainWindow.geometry().width() / 4, y - MainWindow.geometry().height() / 4)

For me this made the Legion/Sparta gui size manageable for me.