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2022-05-03, 21:18
Hey guys, I'm new to Kali but absolutely love it and am amazed by what it can do. I'm not really sure where I should post this as far as groups and I've read the FAQ and don't believe I'm breaking any guidelines here, but I have recently been receiving calls and texts from this voip number (TextNow) where the person did a number lookup on my phone number to get my name, family members names, and our addresses. They sent this information to me in a text as a threat to extort money from me and my family, saying they were going to hurt/kill me and every one of my family members if we didn't pay them. My mother called the police and showed them the messages where they said there was nothing they could do, that there was no way to find the original number that subscribed to the texting app or the person's name. I tried reaching out to TextNow and they were no help at all, just said to contact local police which we did and still nothing. I'm 90% sure this is a scam, but there's still that hint of doubt. Is there any way to figure out the original number or IP address that is associated with the original number to give to the police so they can actual do something about this? There have been all sorts of scams going around my city similar to this where people have actually given thousands of dollars to the person, thinking they had someone in their family hostage. The police have done nothing about it at all, it would be nice to have a tool for voip numbers as a caller ID to show the actual number or CNAM associated with the voip number or could track the device using a voip number for instances where a cell phone is stolen that has no phone service and only uses free text/call apps. Not sure if this exists or is an idea? Like I said, I'm not sure where to post this or if it's breaking any guidelines that I'm genuinely not meaning to. I'm just a little worried that it is not a scam, I've never had any scams go out of their way to lookup all of mine and my family's information. He even knew where my father and mother worked.

Fred Sheehan
2023-03-19, 17:01
Old post I know, but..