View Full Version : Help in generating Kali img for ASUS Chromebook Flip

2022-05-07, 02:00
Hey everyone
I'm new here and a noob in linux in general. Can someone generate this img for me since I don't have the requirements to generate it.
I looked for it on the internet and couldn't find only the 2020.1 version which has issues in my case, the sound doesn't work in my Asus Chromebook c100pa and when I plug in my earphones I get sound but some features stop working, like the right click and some other things. I tried reinstalling the img but it didn't make any difference.
At first, the speakers work just fine but the earphones issue exists, once I do the famous "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" speakers stop working so that's why I'm trying to generate the 2022 img hoping the problem is fixed in this version.
So can someone please generate it for me and upload it on some safe website?:rolleyes: