View Full Version : Install Headless (Win10 Host. Hyper-V)

2022-05-07, 20:10
Hello, I have quite som problems installing a virtual Kali on my host laptop.
Dell Latitude (with wwan-module, which means built in mobile broadband)
Making it a perfect "Drop Box"
solution, accessing it over 4G/LTE -connection and then do wifi-pentesting etc.

It runs Windows10 pro.

I did not plan (and have time for) this, but its now my 7th attempt.
Outcome is a failure, almost everytime the virtual machine gets froozen
(or non responsive)

I can do a successfull installation, aswell as a startup and system logon.
If I am lucky = even have time to open a terminal and such.

But suddenly the screen is frozen and you cant access the virtual machine at all.
Just kill it.
The logs dont tell me **** (!)

I read a lot online, about people having issues with memory leak.
Not enough RAM and such, i believe everything is tried out.

** installing both 64, and 32bit version
*** Importing official image

*manual install

Vmware_Player = conflict, cant use it on host machine because of Hyper-V.

So I was wondering , is it possible to run the machine headless within Hyper-V?
And configure some VPN-server at startup?
Enable me to access the machine without GUI , and instead connect from it through