View Full Version : Terminals in Kali not accessible with screen reader

2022-05-12, 15:50
Goo day,

I am running Kali latest in VMWare, but the terminals are not accessible with Orca, the screen reader that ships with Kali as it only reads the menu bar at the top and no output when inputting commands.

Google cannot help me and I have downloaded various images like the Live boot, the VMWare image and the full image with all the tools. I have also tried the image that let you choose what software to install and I chose Gnome, because it is accessible. The image installed fine, but when starting orca, you get an error message saying something like "This is a dummy module. Your speech dispatcher is working, but some of its dependencies..." and then the same message is repeated over and over.

The root terminal emulator kills the screen reader totally. So, no luck there.

I believe I have three options:
1. Trying to SSH from my host (windows) into Kali and install the Gnome-terminal package. SSh, however, is disabled (vendor preset) and I can't enable it, so no go.
2. Try and build a custom image with Gnome and its terminal.
3. Use another OS, but I don't want to do this.

I also don't want to file a bug report yet, as I may be doing something wrong.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Fred Sheehan
2022-08-12, 00:23
Try a manual install of gnome first, as this should pull in all the dependencies it needs as well;

sudo apt-get install gnome-core kali-defaults kali-root-login desktop-base

Hopefully that will sort it. You've sent me down a rabbit hole now, so I will find a working solution!