View Full Version : Kali Linux on Alcatel Tablet

2022-05-15, 23:00
Hello! I am pretty new to all of this so I am very sorry if I sound like a toddler at a whiskey bar.

I am trying to install Kali Linux on my Alcatel Tablet that runs Oreo 8.1.1. But to do that I need to root it and not a single software or APK ive tried have work, neither Kali tools nor Windows apps. Nothing Ive come across can root it.

Can it be done via a Micro SD card, is there a specific tool that does the job 100% of the time? Can I somehow access the software/Firm/Driver from my computer somehow? Can I install it natively?

Please send help I am loosing my god **** mind over here.

Thank you in advance

Best regards


Fred Sheehan
2022-08-01, 21:15
Before you can root an android device you have to first flash an unlocked bootloader
Then, this will allow you to flash a custom ROM with no restrictions.

To get the correct files you need to search using your exact model number, this info is in the 'about this tablet' section of the device.