View Full Version : How do I install without GUI?

2013-05-16, 18:07
Hello all. I'm new to Kali Linux so I need a pretty detailed explanation on how to install (or just use) Kali Linux without the GUI. I have an older computer I would like to use this on. Like a VERY old computer. Right now it's running backtrack 5. But I don't use the startx command. Simple. But Kali's super-convenient GUI starts automatically. So again I'll ask:

How do I run Kali Linux without the GUI?

I would really appreciate a detailed answer.

2013-05-17, 08:33
You can install Kali via 'text mode' when you boot from a live medium.
You can also enable 'console login' via: http://forums.kali.org/showthread.php?453-Revert-to-Classic-Command-Line-Login