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2022-06-01, 13:19
Hi all,
I?m having Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 which is running Oreo (8.1.0) and Successfully installed Nethunter referring to this post (https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/kernel-official-kali-nethunter-for-the-galaxy-tab-s4-lte-wifi.3955883/), had to update apt and install relink firmware to get work external Wi-Fi adapter (panda PAU09). Injection with aireplay-ng works fine. Airodump-ng works partially and cannot show which clients connected to which bssid, cannot detect 5GHz networks.

Reason most likely SELinux as I see many denied logs in case of airodump-ng.

05-31 17:48:36.315 622 622 E audit : type=1400
audit(1654004916.294:1027): avc: denied { ioctl } for pid=15414 comm="airodump-ng" path="socket:[185270]" dev="sockfs" ino=185270
ioctlcmd=8933 scontext=u:r:magisk:s0 tcontext=u:r:magisk:s0 tclass=unix_dgram_socket permissive=1 SEPF_SM-T835_8.1.0_0007 unfiltered

I added custom rules for this so it is permissive=1 but still denied.
/sbin/supolicy --live "allow * * unix_dgram_socket { ioctl read write create getattr setattr lock append map bind connect getopt setopt shutdown sendto }"

'/sbin/supolicy --live "allow * * udp_socket { ioctl read write create getattr setattr lock relabelfrom relabelto append map bind connect listen accept getopt setopt shutdown recvfrom sendto name_bind node_bind }"

However, according to audit2allow and audit2why they are in place but ineffective due to some permanent rules.
Can anyone give me a solution either disable SELinux or add a rule for the ?unix_dgram_socket? please?

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, SM-T835(gts4llte)
Android : Oreo (8.1.0)
Kernel version: 4.4.177-re4son-lte-0.99.24-1

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Hello. Thanks be given to you for that