View Full Version : cdrom "bug" during KALI install from USB

2013-05-17, 00:18

I have seen many people been struggling with the situation where you have been trying to install KALI with an USB-stick.
When you get past the language section an error occur, an error that tells you there is nothing valid in the cdrom for installation.
But that is not where you have the iso!! or is it?

As time has gone, it seemed like people where able to fix the problem by using another type of iso-installer (ex: Live Linux USB creater), or just by
trying out the latest version of KALI.

In my situation I have tried out way over my expertise of linux, BIOS, etc. And that is why I post this thread,
Is there anyone else that still struggles with this, even after so many "solutions"? Even after the latest fixes?

It would be good with a clean and clear answer to how to fix this, prehaps I ask to much. But it would be good with a more universal solution
than those super duper hobby fix!

Fast asleep, Talabo

2013-05-20, 18:13
I have come to a conclusion, it seem like the usb-stick I used (Transcend, 32 GB) is not compatible with KALI. Considering from the results I had with my SanDisk, 16 GB.