View Full Version : Can someone please help me with SQLMAP command?

2022-06-27, 00:48
trying to learn how to use sqlmap...this is my most recent result...but i dont know how to enter it into the command line correctly...4962

Fred Sheehan
2022-06-29, 00:26
read the docs..


2022-07-09, 17:53
hello i am new to this. i know this is completely unrealted but i cannot find a button to make a new thread on the forum website for kali. i am on a RPI 400 with ARM version of kali linux. i am trying to make a new thread to ask for help with a particuliar issue but i cannot find where to ask a question or start a new post. i can only reply to ones already made. am i doing something wrong?

Fred Sheehan
2022-08-15, 22:06
yokai79 just Go to general questions and click 'Post new Thread'