View Full Version : Kali on 2008 macbook

2013-03-14, 06:31

I have searched through the faq and tried to find any documentation I could with regards to my question, but I was unable to. I am currently running Linux Mint 14 on a 2008 white macbook on a separate western digital hard drive, with no trace of OSX on here. Mint is currently my stand alone operating system of choice. I am very interesting in giving Kali a try and would like to wipe mint and replace it with Kali.

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this, or could thing of anything I should be aware of or be looking out for. I did not have any problem finding drivers when I installed Mint on here but was wondering if I could encounter some difficulties with Kali. Thanks for your time,


2013-03-19, 00:39
I also I have a white MacBook and I'm thinking of installing Kali in a separate partition. If you can install it says here that you followed steps, or problems you have encountered.