View Full Version : VMWare 9 and Bridging Mode

2013-03-14, 06:47
I'm having issues getting the network adapter to connect in Bridging mode on VMWare 9. If I try to connect, run dhclient, etc. the network manager attempts to connect before giving me an error of Network has been Disconnected. I was able to get it to connect in NAT mode with no issues. Is there some known bug with VMWare Workstation 9 and Kali? Or am I doing something incorrectly?

2013-03-14, 16:32
drbearsec - this may or may not help... try clicking on the network icon in the upper right and then click on your active connection to reset.

2013-03-22, 17:50
having a similar problem with vmware 9 and kali, I can not move a ralink 5370 usb network stick from the host to the guest side it always errors while in use while in NAT mode in vmware, when in bridge mode my hardwired eth0 disconnects and will not grab an ip at all.

2013-05-11, 07:02
Did you guys ever figure this out? I'm trying to run 2 vm machines kali/d-ice101 for testing how kali works... (pen test) but can't get an ip address or anything... Works great on nat but that's about it.

2013-05-11, 07:11
okay I figured out how to fix the bridge issue.

Start up vmware 9 workstation -> edit -> virtual network editor you should see a couple of network cards. Since my kali network is VMnet0 i just make a change to
below where it says "VMnet Information" -> Bridge to -> "that's where you pick your card if you're connected to wifi or cable up"

after you choose that just restart kali image ... and bammm it works perfect. Hope this helps.

have a good one.