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2013-03-27, 21:50
I am running Kali ARM for chromebook, and I am booting from SD card.
When the screen goes blank (power managment?) I cannot resume from that.
It's screen stays blank, CTRL+ALT+<- or -> doesnt switch to a VT.
all I can do is hold the power button down til it powers off.
Has anyone encountered this and solved it?

2013-04-08, 23:27
This seems to be happening for most distros ported to the $250 samsung chromebook.

One post mentioned a memory allocation bug, another that a close lid event is sent tens of thousands of times.

Until it get resolved you can use the info found here:
http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.com/2012/10/arm-chrubuntu-1204-alpha-1-now.html?showComment=1353759547270#c65315183238780 43397

Since the fault only happens when x is running, you hit CTRL-ALT-F2 (right arrow) to switch to another tty. If you close the lid and reopen, it should still be alive. If that's the case, you can then switch back to the desktop by hitting CTRL-ALT-F7 (screen brighter). It's an annoying extra step, but seems to work.

BTW - You can use CTRL-ALT any F1-F6 keys in the first step to go between tty 1-6. tty7 (F7) brings back the desktop.

2013-04-09, 05:26
I have a similar issue with my Samsung N110, running a dualboot install of Kali.

When closing the lid and letting the laptop go into 'standby' it wont react to anything.
No key combination, not powerswitch, nothing.
Only answer was to remove battery for short time and reboot.