View Full Version : Post-Installation Problem, Kali amd64 on MacBook Pro 8.1

2013-05-18, 11:06
Hi everyone, sorry to bother but I can't figure out what's the problem here.
I installed Kali 1.0.2 on my mac using a bootable DVD an rEFIt. Everything worked quite good except for the drivers, the trackpad and the network card, but it's quite usual on a mac so I installed Kali anyway thinking I was going to manually update the drivers and the Network Card later but after the installation and after the restarting of the mac I get to the rEFIt classic start up page, where it gives me 2 choices, 1 is to use the OS X obviusly and the other is to use Linux, so I click on the Linux option, and either it tells me there is no bootable device instert boot disk and press any key, or it gets stuck showing me the Linux's Penguin in background.

Can you please help me?

Thanks in advance,

2013-05-18, 13:27
Sorry to have bothered you guys, but I was able to fix the problem thanks to the bootable DVD, so everything it's fine even if I'm still trying to get the mirrors to work, but that's OT :P

Thank you anyway ;)

2013-05-31, 18:09
Hi have the same porblem, but with the 386 version and the macbook pro 8.3. Couldnt install the x64 version, it told me every time that there is a problem during system installation, but havent specified which one.

What have you changed to get it working?