View Full Version : Kali on rikomagic MK802 III S

2013-03-28, 09:25
Hi all,

I´m intrested in installing Kali on my Rikomagic MK802 III S. Has anybody done this? I know (and already did) that i can install it with Linux Deploy but there are some downsides in doing that.
Is there a Image? Can I use the one for RK3006 from the download page?

Would be nice if somebody can help me.

THX A lot in advance

2013-03-28, 12:54
As long as you're using the finless ROM method, you should be able to. The only catch is the finless ROM does not support Bluetooth (BT) and BT is blacklisted by default in Kali.

Note: you're right about Linux Deploy. In my galaxy nexus and nexus 7, the app does not install the pen testing tools (which defeats the purpose of Kali linux). The tools have to be installed individually and manually.