View Full Version : Dual-booting from a Macbook??

2013-03-29, 06:58
Anyone managed to dual-boot a HD install on a Macbook? No problems booting a USB, but can't get the dual install to boot. I've learned more about EFI and rEFInd than I thought possible, but after 2 weeks of head-banging I'm ready to give up on my Macbook Air. I don't mind trying harder, if someone could just confirm it is in fact possible.

2013-03-30, 20:51
Im having the same issues on my late 2009 MB. Disk is unreadable and wont even try booting, the cd works perfect so I know its not corrupted, Im pretty sure it has something to do with the partition table being GPT. rEFIt should fix that, or so I thought, but that doesnt even matter because neither grub nor lilo will install during the installation. This has to be possible though, Ive never had problems dual,triple, or quad booting anything.

2013-03-31, 00:54
GRUB seems to install without complaint, but rEFInd doesn't FInd it. I've tried putting it in the EFI, /, and a separate /boot partition without success. It might not be possible - I never succeeded with BT3/4/5 either. Isn't that the definition of idiocy; to keep trying the same thing expecting a different outcome? Anyway, this site is essential reading for those fellow idiots on the same frustrating journey: http://www.rodsbooks.com/efi-bootloaders/