View Full Version : apktool not working

2013-03-31, 08:49
Hey guys i'm having problems with apktool it's not finding the apk file.

I cd to where the file is and type apktool d blah.apk and i get

Input file (blah.apk) was not found and or was not readable, tried a few other apks too

Searched around nobody else said anything. Can someone try it and see if it works

Just came from bt5 and don't understand what i'm missing here

2013-04-05, 00:22
If any body else uses the apktool in kali you need to put the apk into apktool's directory which is located in /usr/share/apktool, where as in bt5 you cd to any directory, call the tool and decompile

2014-05-22, 03:53
Another way is to provide absolute file path rather than relative.