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  1. I haven't used the newer scripts, but have had success with with the older one.
  2. We are about to release update probably within a week. We just cracked another WPS locked router using this program so we know in certain circumstances it works.
  3. I am sorry I didn't get a chance to test your new version of your script. My computer died and I had to wait a bit before getting a new one. If you can re-post your script so I can try it out that would be great. The latest link listed does not work.

  4. Please let us know if reaver in the new files we sent you is allowing reaver to automatically restart. We cannot test this as we are not having this problem. Actually we are waiting for your report before we rewrite.

  5. Glad to contribute to your awesome script. I and others are very glad to contribute to the evolution and improvement of your script, no debt needed.

    I will always be glad to contribute in testing and improving any script you come up with.


  6. Well to be truthful we had just about given up on mdk3 but you gave us that one little piece of the puzzel so we wrote that just for you in payment. Now we are finding routers which say they are locked which still respond with pins. Anyway we are going to add a PURE EAPOL only choice soon. We willl send you what we write. As we mentioned we are in your debt.
  7. Wow, you've worked so hard on updating and improving the script!

    I'll download the updated script and report my findings.

  8. We have deleted as we think we have found a way to correct your problem. However we cannot test it therefore we give you two versions. 006a is a corrected version of 006 with a variable mdk3 choice.
    The 008 has the aireplay-ng and airodump-ng addittions. Please test 006a and let us know if your files are saved. You must use maclistreavermdkvar as the configuration file.

    Download at

    You have been a great help thanx
  9. Reference 993 this is a brute force collector with no mdk3. You can load 50 targets into the config file and just let it run. When an APs' WPS s opens up the program will harvest pins till it locks. If the AP is locked or not on the air the program will only spend about a minute before going on to the next targetAPl.
  10. Download at
    Here is the script you requested. However aireplay-ng -1 can only be used if you assign a channel and aireplay-ng will only stay live IF it can find the AP.

    If you choose to channel hop with reaver you cannot run aireplay-ng as it will simply freeze on the first channel and then fail. So in the booleans dealing with channel hopping no aireplay-ng was added. We tried running it with channel hopping but again no luck.
    We have been in contact with aircrack-ng. The only way to keep aireplay-ng live when there is no reception is to tweak the source code. You can go into the aircrack-ng forums and you will find our requests. We tried the solutions they suggested and they did not work!.

    So if the AP jumps channels after a DDOS the program cannot follow
    This program allows you three types of DDOS so read the comments in the varmacreavermdkvar file
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