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  1. The site we posted the link to has been removed.
    Furthermore we have trouble posting to kali-linux forums.

    The latest download links can be found in wps reaver Go to issue 675 and scroll down to the bottom, the links are there. Furthermore a newer version will be released soon so check there in a few weeks for version x or greater. We also post in the hak5 forums see haks and mods and

    One of the administrators seems to not like our posts in kali-linux which is his/her right as it is their forum. So we rarely post here anymore.
  2. hi mmusket33
    i have problem with my wash and reaver command, it freeze and nothing happen..
    i use kali linux 1.09a that i get from kali linux offical website..
    and i can't download

    File contains
    2. maclistreavermdk

    can you help me with my problem?


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