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  1. We are about to release update probably within a week. We just cracked another WPS locked router using this program so we know in certain circumstances it works.

    Not sure what you mean by mdk3 cycles. Reference mdk3 we have spent alot of time messing with the coding for ESSID names with spaces. With an EAPOL 0 you have to add the ESSID name. So if your AP name has a space the problem might be there. We also know there is a small bug in the
    EAPOL 0 coding if there is a name in the space BUT it has not stopped EAPOL from being effective as the last WPS locked router we cracked had two spaces in the name and it still worked fine.
  2. hey man, do you guys see any consistency with mdk3 behavior on macreaver script?
    i just found that it no longer cycles the AP, the very same one I successfully tested it on. I did no firmware upgrades.
    Looking into other variables - kali updates and such.
  3. The thread was removed by kali.

    We consider this the right of the web master and have no issue with this removal as we consider ourselves guests.

    Your system work fine against E8:94:F6:XX:XX:XX WPS locked routers. We have duplicated your findings.

    You can download a working automated script

    File contains

    2. maclistreavermdk

    We will provide more infor when available

  4. We have found the problem see the thread for explanations. We have posted a new download for your purview and testing.
  5. cheers. standby for results
  6. As per your reaver program request we provide the following for your testing


    Musket Teams
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