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  1. hey! i would like to know if it was possible to make a standalone script of AERIAL mode : 9. MiTM - Forced downloading files RTR* for allready connected ap.
    Scenario : You connect to an ap and use the script to replace all their downloads with your files....

    Thanks in advance
  2. i am trying to install kali on my macbookpro 8.1 through usb as my superdrive is broken, i tried many usb and usb iso tools but in refind when i select to boot from the usb it shows no bootable drive found but on startup if i press option key and boot to the efi mode it says no suitabe video mode found booting in blind mode and it goes to the kali startup screen and if i select other. username:root pass:toor it says authentication failure.
    please help sir
  3. Kalispera file!
    elpizo na exeis mia xaroumeni mera!
    Se exo dei na trigirnas se merika BT kai kali Forums me to ekpliktiko sou username :P kai fenete na exeis riksei psaksimo sto wifi penetration ;o
    Exo arxisei kai ego edo kai ligo kairo to athlima kai eipa mias kai eisai ellinas mipos mporouses na me boithiseis ligo me kana dio problimata pou antimetopizo.
    An thes kai exeis xrono stile mou ena minima na sinomilisoume ligo se pio real-time platforma.
  4. Hi,

    I'm writing to you regarding your Aerial script. It looks really nice but for some reason I cannot start fake AP. I am also getting stuck at ''Connecting to internet''/''Waiting for internet'' but I managed to bypass that by manually typing in ifup eth0 (which is my internet interface). All other setting seem to be OK (i have rt2800usb supported card with Ralink RT5572) and i manage to go to the end of process, but I can't get my AP up. Otherwise I know that my card supports APmode because i can put AP up with airbase-ng. I use VM, but I tried different ones and no use... Also as of options inside of script, I tried them all and all give same problem; stuck at internet connecting and no AP... Any ideas?
  5. consum, you've being reported.
  6. u know how to fix this ip problem ?
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    hi nick
    many thanks for the advice ..
    you are a gold's man!!!!
  8. It's almost done. Need to tweak it and test it a little more.
  9. Hi, i was wondering if you were able to complete this project for kali
    How to: E-Z setup a Multi Mode WLAN based on a Fake AP
    Trying to use to wireless adapters.
  10. hi when is your script finished to test i will trie
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