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  1. Hey Photonicgeek,

    I loved your linux installer script. its way more functional than the windows one with all the addons. I didnt even know about the xsdl server until i saw it as an additional package install you had listed.
    i just got another 2 devices i was going to update and install from scratch. after i've updated your script, no matter what device i use i get "error device connected is not as the same as the device selected"
    ive got an older version that helped compare

    i think this portion is messing things up
    (i had to change this as i dont think its letting me post code, some bs block)
    boardadb shell getprop roroducboard)
    boardecho board|tr -d '\r\n')

    if currentdevice==board; then

    Is it possibly the comparison operator? if we change it to != could that put it back on track?
    im going to try it out tonight as soon as i get a chance.
    Thanks for all the work you've done with the script! if theres anything i can help ya with developing it please let me know!
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    you wrote on about multiboot on Nexus 10, I've never checked out that link, now it's not working (error 404) but I could use multiboot on my Nexus 10 now. Binkybear wrote ( that it's not possible to multiboot on Nexus 10, but if you know the way please tell me
  3. Hello sir, could you please help me with something
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    And my very own script (Based on an exploit), a utility that removes lockscreen passwords on Anything before KitKat:
    (Specifically based off of this)
    could you update the link please.
  5. hello my friend, I need your help, I have been following your posts. I am wanting to put kali linux nethunter on my motorola moto x. I tried to switch my karnel and install the kali linux nethunter nexus 5 zip file, but in the process dirent yorck. then reinstalled CyanogenMod CM11. . can help me? to use kali linux nethunter on my moto x.
    sorry for my english., and not best.. my email -
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