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  1. me too can SOMEONE help us?

    me too can SOMEONE help us?
  2. error to start dhcpserver sc-dhcp-server.service failed because the control process..

    My dhcpserver does not start, I'm trying to create a fake access point.
    Below are the logs and some settings. Can someone help me, please?

    gedit /etc/dhcpd.conf or gedit /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf In...
  3. Nethunter 3.0 Error E:error opening /data/local/nhsystem/kali-armhf/dev/ram12

    For some reason my nethunter 3 install is failing on Nexus 5. I boot to TWRP to flash the zip but I get a lot of repeat errors afterwards in the TWRP console (see below). I can not boot into my Nexus...
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