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  1. I bought a second hand old laptop,lenovo k27 with...

    I bought a second hand old laptop,lenovo k27 with a CPU of i7 2620 model.
    It works fine, and since the laptop is cheap, I may dispose it once my crime actions was traced :D

    Well, I'm just...
  2. Unable to install metapackages on Kali on WSL

    Hello again mates,
    Thanks to Re4son, I can use root on kow now.
    Now I encountered another problem here:
    I have updated and upgraded my kali, and installed kali-linux package with apt-get...
  3. Unable to 'su root' in kali on WSL

    Hello mates,
    I have installed kali on Windows with WSL, and I have created a default user in it.
    However, this user has only limited privileges, so I decided to use root instead.
    As far as I can...
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