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    I am hoping someone can help

    I have two devices that ive been trying to install nethunter on. It looked as if documentation wize that they were compatible.
    Both I have spent loads of hours on and getting so far then failing. ...
  2. Hi martialhax I think your correct. It looks...

    Hi martialhax
    I think your correct. It looks like a well beaten track thats led to a dead end.
    Im now onto a oneplus 3 and thats hard enough, bricked it twice now ive found the unified tool kit...
  3. pulling my hair out and dont know where to turn! Nexus7 2012 and Galaxy4

    Hi folks, i know im late to the game here but im really stuck.
    My first attempt at installing NH on a samsung galaxy4, seemed to work eventually then when i try to update it fails due to lack of...
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