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  1. Found my problem with the compile error=2, trying...

    Found my problem with the compile error=2, trying to compile rtl8192eu driver.
    Linux Header installed was different than Linux Image build.
    In short, I had to install the nightly Kali build over...
  2. Hi Mister_X. Thanks for your quick feedback....

    Hi Mister_X.

    Thanks for your quick feedback.
    I'll try to look for firmware for wifi rtl819eu driver, but cannot determine if this is my make error code=2 problem.
    The driver is from Realtek so...
  3. @Raisedfist. I have WN722N V2. it works in...

    I have WN722N V2. it works in monitor mode. Not sure about V5.
    You might want to try using the IWCONFIG to get into monitor mode instead Airmon-ng.

  4. Getting Make Error=2. Trying to compile rtl8192eu driver.

    I am trying to compile driver rtl8192eu to use with my external wifi interface TL-WN822N adapter.
    I am getting an error on the make command:

    make ARCH=x86_64 CROSS_COMPILE= -C...
  5. This is the OP. Couldn't fix the firefox...

    This is the OP.
    Couldn't fix the firefox libhunspell-1.3.0, libjsoncpp0 broken packages.
    Ended up getting Firefox-Esr v52 from Debian jessie repo.
    1. Added line "deb...
  6. Having trouble installing Firefox on NetHunter - Any help would be appreciated.


    I flashed a recent nightly build of LineagOS 14.1 (11132017 bacon) + Nethunter (Kali Linux Rolling 3.4.113-lighting-kernel -vv38 ARMV7l). Connect using VNC server After...
  7. Can I use a Android Tablet to launch Kali Linux from a Flash Drive?

    I have a XPS 13 PC laptop. I have Kali Linux 'Live' armf installed/running from a 64gb Flash Drive. Looking to purchase a Android Tablet. Never owned one. Would like to explore running the...
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    Hi. Quick question. I am using...

    Quick question.
    I am using TP-Link-TL-WN722N as my external wifi Interface on my OPO device.
    Are the Driver/Firmware Atheros built-in this package for wifi connect after installation of...
  9. @defalt. Ok, I'll do this again, uninstall /...


    Ok, I'll do this again, uninstall / reinstall network-manager & network-manager-gnome (Applet) latest version (1.8.2) onto Nethunter.
    After install & nm-applet is still disabled, I'll...
  10. @defalt Thanks for the explanation regarding...


    Thanks for the explanation regarding Wlan0 & wlan1. I am new at Linux.
    nm-applet is located in the top right of my screen.
    In terms or running, I only have “edit connection” enabled...
  11. @defalt. I probably did not describe my...


    I probably did not describe my problem better showing 2 interfaces.
    Wlan0 is a wifi connection owned by the hotel I'm currently staying.
    I am given a userid/password to access their...
  12. can anybody else assist me. thanks Jef.

    can anybody else assist me. thanks Jef.
  13. Still Disabled.

    Had both wlan0 and wlan1 up before entering the commands.
    Entered: Service network-manager start
    Terminal response: Ok starting network connection manager NetworkManager.

    Entered: nmcli...
  14. Network Manager Disabled - Cannot connect to Interfaces.


    I seem to have a similar problem as member Nivla regarding Network Manager app.
    Been following Nivla thread. Maybe Nivla issues are somewhat related to mine.

    I cannot enable the network...
  15. I solved my problem. Downloaded bVNC: Secure VNC...

    I solved my problem. Downloaded bVNC: Secure VNC Viewer app from playstore. Connected this as VNC viewer. The developer configured the back button to use as right click. Jefx3.
  16. Using VNC Viewer - Remote Desktop with Nethunter.

    I am currently using vnc viewer to launch Nethunter on my OnePlus One Android phone. Connect via localhost
    For the purpose of editing network connections for my environment, I...
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    Network Manager for Linux Android.

    On my laptop I use Linux Debian Kail-Rolling for penetration testing.
    To spoof a Mac address I :
    Open Network Manager, edit connections,
    enter the client's MAC into the open “cloned...
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    @mstrmnn. Thanks for your set of instructions....

    Thanks for your set of instructions. I'm looking at some rom links compatible with NH to flash. As you said, it will be a trial & error until I get the right combination.

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    reply to mstrmnn comments.

    Thanks for your quick reply mstrmnn, I've italicized your comments with my reply.

    As far as I know Multirom does not support Android 7.1 as primary ROM.
    1. Given this, I cannot boot in...
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    Want to install NetHunter as a secondary ROM.

    I'm new at this so please bear with me.
    I want to install Nethunter as a secondary rom with my current stock LineageOS 7.1 rom. Have the ability to separately boot into Lineageos or Nethunter....
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    Output volume Disabled on boot.


    I am having problem keeping the volume enabled. After boot, I go to the All Settings/Sound, the Volume is grayed out.

    Here’s what I've tried:
    1. Enter command “systemctl --user enable...
  22. Thanks Grid. Just Imaged my disk using...

    Thanks Grid. Just Imaged my disk using Clonezilla.
    Hopefully their product can improve to selectively restore img files/folders.

  23. Need recommendation for a Linux backup/restore product using Kali Linux.


    I am transiting from a OS Windows 10 environment to Kali Linux.
    Need a recommendation for an free open-source Backup/Recovery package to do the following.

    - Very reliable to perform...
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    @grid Will begin looking into your...


    Will begin looking into your recommendations. Thanks,

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    @grid. Basically, I only started looking at it 3...

    Basically, I only started looking at it 3 weeks ago.
    I lost my free wifi in my building,and a friend help prepare,
    some spoofing commands with me. I've used Windows prompt commands, but...
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    @AldaRoN. Hi. I'm still not very proficient in...

    Hi. I'm still not very proficient in Kali commands.Which one are joined together. I have "sudo killall pulseaudio" ok. The following lines proceeding I'm not sure when to hit enter. User=...
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    Need a little help with Kali Linux functions.

    This is my first Post.
    Hopefully someone will have time to answer a few questions newbie.
    I'm in the process of transitioning from OS Windows to Kali Linux.
    To Launch Kali, I am running Kali Alive...
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