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    Terminal font and size will not change

    Latest Kali version, the terminal font and font size will not allow me to change from fira code 10. I have kali on other devices and changing font and text has never been an issue before. I can open...
  2. Did you ever get the phone to boot? I've gotten...

    Did you ever get the phone to boot? I've gotten this far, finally got nethunter to install after following all the steps and messing with twrp so that it didnt amount /system when installing and then...
  3. Oneplus 3T Install Trouble: Unable to mount /system rw!

    With my latest try with lineageos:

    Fast boot to twrp and swipe for factory reset, then swipe to wipe/format data
    Restart and fast boot to twrp and sideload lineageos
    Restart and setup...
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