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  1. Kali users/developers, I was going to delete...

    Kali users/developers,

    I was going to delete the above entitled posting but then I figured perhaps there would be some residual utility for some other users to see what steps I took in pursuance...
  2. Kali Linux install on USB3.1 flash drive for use on HP T620 Thin Client (non-plus version)

    Kali users/developers,

    I installed Kali Linux onto a 256GB MicroCenter 3.1 USB stick and it boots up on the HP T620 fine, but I never get any GUI to log into. I can shift to a text terminal and...
  3. Recommendation for 802.11ax mini PCI card

    Kali users/developers:

    I have a laptop that has a Mini-PCI board in it (see lspci output below) that I wish to upgrade by way of installing an 802.11ax card. If I were desirous of obtaining a plug...
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    Build issue for variant-gnome

    Kali experts,

    I am trying to build my own Kali ISO using the GNOME variant. I went into the directory "live-build-config/kali-config/variant-gnome/package-lists" and modified the kali.list.chroot...
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    Building a Kali GNOME image

    Kali experts:

    I am trying to build my own GNOME image, I did so once and saw that virtualbox extensions caused it to error out and not complete. Thus, in an effort to avoid downloading all the...
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    OpenZFS and Kali Linux

    Kali users,

    I use Kali Linux and am curious to understand what choices are being contemplated for Kali Linux regarding OpenZFS in the following areas. When I say OpenZFS I mean OpenZFS V2.0 as is...
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    Ubuntu migration

    Kali Linux Community Members:

    Having begun to take notice of some of the choices that Ubuntu's developers have made in terms of its distribution, I am becoming more interested in moving away from...
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