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  1. So more and more attempts today, I am using the...

    So more and more attempts today, I am using the guided encrypted setup built into Kali and I select my USB drive.

    After some digging I have found my syslog and debug error message here is the...
  2. [Installation] Installing on a USB HDD, fails at install step.

    Hi guys, thanks for any assistance I have been trying to fix this on my own for days now and I am getting nowhere so I come to you for help.

    I used Win32 Disk Image to write to a 8gb USB stick...
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    [Help] USB Not Working At All?

    So I have a USB stick with 64 bit Kali image on it from using win32diskimager, it boots fine and I can boot into a live environment, however when I go to install the disk I want to install it on...
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