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    Kali Linux and HP CHROMEBOOK

    The distro for HP Chromebook is not good. Forget using any USB wifi adapter with it. I've tested 3 different and they all crash the computer. It'll freeze or all icons will become little red x's.
  2. Did the update to version 1.1.0 but still no...

    Did the update to version 1.1.0 but still no luck.
    lsusb works fine and list the WN772N, but if I do ifconfig it gets stuck and doesn't list anything. Only if I unplug the WN772N it shows both the...
  3. try "changeme"

    try "changeme"
  4. HP Chromebook + KALI + TL-WN772N freezing up.

    wn772n after a few minutes freezes up everything and the chromebook needs a reboot. Not possible to see any networks at all. lsusb list it and it is seen by dmesg but no indication on what fails. If...
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    HP Chromebook - Tiny USB partition.

    Evening folks, need a bit of help with increasing the partition on a USB stick I use with an HP chromebook. I dd'ed over the kali image and it boots up fine however on the 32GB usb stick about 26gb...
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