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    Sticky: Kali Linux Network PXE install

    Would there be any noticeable difference running a SanDisk Ultra 8gb SD Card SDHC SDXC Class 10 40MB/s as opposed to a SanDisk ULTRA UHS-I 8GB Class 10 48MB/s MicroSDXC for Kali Linux on the Rpi2 and...
  2. Is there a way to check if my Kali installation is infected

    Its a pain in the *** to deploy the application to Zune every time I want to see if the changes I made are good or not. Is there a way to compile the application for Windows so I can test for the...
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    Aircrack airolib speed

    Does anyone know the address to a stock pr3 or pw0 to remove the speed limiter. If so, what values do i put in to get rid of it. If there was one thing I could do, it would be to remove the speed...
  4. Chromebook expand/resize/grow partition rootfs

    I tried the following apps ...

    Acronis disk director 9 = When selecting resize it only moves the partition around and doesnt resize it.

    QTParted = Able to resize but there is an error on...
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    NetHunter Disk Encryption

    Hi all,

    Now NetBSD supports full disk encryption, but I dont understand the sparse instructions of the installation menu. Any help to set this up for / and swap?
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