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    WiFI-Pumpkin not working

    when i launch wifi pumpkin v0.8.8 i get the following error before it launches. The soupsieve package is not installed. CSS selectors cannot be used.
    Loading GUI...
    WiFi-Pumpkin Running!

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    have you tried sudo airmon-ng? this problem could...

    have you tried sudo airmon-ng? this problem could be caused by lack of root authorization.
  3. Thread: Problem

    by Jaguar7thNova

    These are usually set up during the installation...

    These are usually set up during the installation procedure. It should have asked you for a username and password. restart your computer and go into linux recovery mode. once in the recovery mode...
  4. You could set up Nat on linux with port...

    You could set up Nat on linux with port forwarding. or you could take an easier route and use something like WiFiPumpkin. That would allow you to control what kind of access point you create on your...
  5. So you installed PhoneInfoga but it can't find the gecko driver- fixed

    PhoneInfoga FIXED by installing gecko directly in the folder with the executable.To fix the error i encountered I did the following
    cd PhoneInfoga (you need to be in the directory or folder your...
  6. Armitage not working, can't find attacks -Found solution to this issue.

    armitage can't locate any attacks for hosts the scanner is instantly done and no attacks work. updated metasploit to metasploit v5.0.77-dev- then did the following.

    msfconsole and armitage...
  7. graphical error mangled screen fix. usb live install.

    found a fix for the mangled screen graphical error while trying to install kali-linux via usb live. i install kali to an external hard drive today DESPITE not being able to see what i was doing by...
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