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  1. How to configure default keyboard layout in Kali Live

    (I've asked this before in the abandoned installation forum, but that never got published/moderator-approved, so reposting here and hoping this is a better place.)
    I've installed Kali Live...
  2. How to configure keyboard layout on Kali Live?

    I have successfully installed latest (2020.4) Kali Live onto an USB stick and it works fine. When booting, I'm selecting the first option (standard Kali Live), not the persistence version or Forensic...
  3. How to configure keyboard layout on Kali Live?

    I've created a USB stick of Kali Live, latest version (2004.4). This works fine. In the startup menu I'm using the first option: standard Kali (not Forensic, not persistence).
    The problem is the...
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