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    Monster Abra Dual Monitor Problem

    So, I'm using Monster Abra (Has 2 GPU, one is Intel HD, other one is NVIDIA 1050 [And I think probably caused by this])
    I installed Kali recently. When I plugged my laptop to monitor via HDMI, I...
  2. I got pin and psk from Wifite, how will I use?

    Firstly, yes I am a dumb.
    Secondly, yes I am a beginner.
    So I tried to crack my old router's password with wifite and I got these:
    "type": "WPS",
    "date": 1595611444,
  3. Wine just logs me out when I try to run PhotoShop.

    Hello guys, I was using Photoshop on my Windows. I installed Wine correctly and I can ses the splash screen. But it logs out arter a couple seconds?
    Could you please help?
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