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  1. Kali-Linux-2021.1 XFCE 4.16 64 bit command history -c (clears history list) is not working.

    Hi! Everybody

    I found out that the clear history command is not working, in the new version of kali, which is kali-linux-2021.1 XFCE 4.16 64 bit. See screenshot attached for proof of bug. I run it...
  2. During install sudo tasksel, more specific instructions please

    Can you be more specific, about the steps for ruining the command sudo tasksel during installation, please. Thanks for your time and help. Have a nice day.
  3. How uninstall penetration tools and only use regular apps as a normal desktop?

    Hi! Everybody

    I want to use kali as a normal desktop without the penetration tools, and only have the regular apps of a normal desktop with the patches and modifications of kali. Is there a...
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