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  1. Partial solution found following this guide...

    Partial solution found following this guide:
    Sadly still need SD to be able boot from USB.

    Added rootdelay=5 still not good.
  2. Looked for "stuck at "random: crng init done""...

    Looked for "stuck at "random: crng init done"" and it seems that it's Kernel bug. Was not able to find easy noob solution. Installed rng-tools and haveged on SD, cloned to USB and still no good....
  3. kali-linux-light-2018-W38-armhf.img.xz from...

    kali-linux-light-2018-W38-armhf.img.xz from didn't boot up at all.
    I guess that kali-linux-light-2018.2-armhf.img.xz and kali-linux-light-2018.3a-armhf.img.xz will not work...
  4. Unable to boot Kali on Raspberry PI 3b+ from USB.

    Trying to boot KALI 2018.3 from USB SanDisk Extreme USB 3.0 16Gb.
    Its stuck on boot, keys works but can not do any input. only ctrl-alt-supr. No ctrl-alt-f1-f7

    What i tried: Did...
  5. How to use Pyrit/Hashkat with several diccionary files.

    I have about 30 dic files in one directory build by some specific masks.

    How can i make pyrit test them one after another without building DB (I use attack_passthrough due that if i build...
  6. Thread: oclHashcat

    by xflyboy

    apt-get install libcuda1

    apt-get install libcuda1
  7. Replies

    Same here. Created a new topic with all info but...

    Same here.
    Created a new topic with all info but can not find it. :(
  8. No window manager after NVidia drivers installation.

    I got Nvidia drivers installed by THIS guide.
    and after instalation, when you reboot, i was able to LOG into the session but i see black screen wit only "MY COMPUTER" icon on top, no Kali...
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