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  1. errors occur after running apt-get update

    Hi Dear All,
    i use Kali 64-bit, OS Debian 10x64-bit. i used to update and upgrade kali packages smoothly without facing errors. on a sudden recently i am experiencing an issue when i run apt-get...
  2. My external wireless card Panda PAUO5 is disconnecting frequently

    Hi, I have hp labtop, Windows 10 64bit.
    As mentioned in the subject my wireless card Panda N USB 300 mbps connects to wifi normally but after some time it disconnects by itself. And I often...
  3. Replies

    How to spoof my Gmail account?

    Hi kali users. Going right to the point., how can I sign in to my Gmail account from different device like my labtop while in the same time signed in from my mobile device Android sys. Without...
  4. I have encounter the same issue. Did reinstall...

    I have encounter the same issue. Did reinstall ettercap-graphical, but did not change. And did the latest advice by "shinnok" but still the issue persists. Any one can support to solve it?
  5. need support in ettercap-graphical mode. it does not show menu on the window.

    Hi Team excellence. this is my first post here, straight to the point ettercap-graphical mode does not show menu on the window i.e. file, Sniff, Options etc.. from which we need to select unified...
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