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  1. Thread: NetHunter 3.0

    by ins1der

    I do not use it ... but I don't think it's...

    I do not use it ... but I don't think it's enough.

    maybe not all... just nethunter...


    the same... but if your deveci are unloked you can bypass it... this time I used the git...
  2. Installing from Linux - nethunter 3.0 - installing twrpFlash script

    Hi guys,
    if someone has some troubles with the script ./ just delete -p from:

    echo "Sending Kali Nethunter zip to the device"
    adb push -p $nhZip $sdnh
    sleep 3
    echo "Sending Kali...
  3. unable to connect to HTTP and SSH from the web on NetHunter

    Hi every one,
    I just tried to find any solutions about my trouble but nothing find anywhere... so:
    I want to connect to my device from the web to use some reverse shell ... I used the external IP...
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