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  1. Optional: you can now install your cuda toolkits:...

    Optional: you can now install your cuda toolkits:

    apt-get install ocl-icd-libopencl1 nvidia-cuda-toolkit

    after this step , i managed to install it and i can boot until desktop but all my menu...
  2. broadcam 43227 , cant connect any wireless [wireless didnt show up]

    still having issues with the broadcom 43227 drivers. I followed the debian wiki and installed the broadcom sta common drivers and it still does not come up I have walked through the wiki and it...
  3. Unable to locate package” errors for all software

    hi , im newbie so please be patient to help me .
    i have some problem when i want to install software .
    for example i try to install jockey gtk

    sudo apt-get install jockey-gtk
    Reading package...
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