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  1. Solution

    I found the solution for my problem, very simple, install the firmware of my wifi adapter, in my case ralink.
    In the terminal:

    apt update
    apt install firmware-ralink

    and that's it. I hope it...
  2. Is the nethunter kernel of the tab s4 (SM-t835) worth it for wifi injection?

    Hi, wifi injection does not work ends in error.I don't know if it's a problem with the kernel or my installation. any ideas?
    Please, help me.

    Galaxy Tab s4 sm-t835

    Android 8.1.0

    Ui 9.5
  3. monitor mode errors in tab s4 (sm-t835) with official nethunter image

    Hello, I have installed the official nethunter image on my tab s4 model SM-t835 and it does not work wlan0 or wlan1. Can someone help me?
  4. I recommend you update the kenel linux-kali...

    I recommend you update the kenel

    4.14.117 Draco-Re4son #1 SMP Wed Sep 8 13:14:39 AEST 2021 aarch64

    Everything works perfectly on op7 pro.
  5. wlan0 and wlan1 not working on tab s4 (sm-t835) nethunter official kernel. Android 8.1

    Hi, please I need help. Wlan1 and wlan0 not workinģ in my tab s4. I have installed the image from official page. HID working fine but wifi adapters have some issues. The device recognizes it but for...
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