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  1. Awus036H iwlist wlan0 scanning issue

    I have the same problem with my Awus036H -
    I am running a Kali Liveboot USB on PC, MacMini and through Parallels on Macbook Air and I have to:

    ifconfig wlan0 down
    ifconfig wlan0 up

  2. I am actually running into the exact same issue...

    I am actually running into the exact same issue with the same card.

    I am booting kali off of a live USB no VM's.

    using airmen-ng it will scan and find available networks and clients however...
  3. Kali 1.1.0a Live USB Boot on MAC Yosemite 10.10.2 - Need serious help here....

    I spent all weekend on this thing. I really don't want to run through virtual box but it looks like this may be the only option left.

    Kali 1.1.0 on new MacBook Air OS X Yosemite 10.10.2
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