Hi all,

I am new to Kali after having used Manjaro for a couple of months. As I have just started studying computer science I would like to be able to follow online lectures with audio running through my AirPods. I keep running into issues connecting my AirPods via Bluetooth, namely the AirPods keep disconnecting or not connecting at all.

This is what I have tried so far:

- I searched the Kali Forum for the keyword "AirPods" but could not find a relevant post.
- I changed the bluetooth main.conf file to "ControllerMode=bredr" and I also tried "ControllerMode = dual". With dual I was never able to connect, with bredr I was able to connect but then after a couple of seconds it keeps disconnecting.
- I read that running dual boot can cause some issues with identical bluetooth keys so I tried to implement the following tutorial (https://unix.stackexchange.com/quest...op-having-to-p) but I did not work.
- I even formatted my SSD and reinstalled Windows 11 along with Kali 5.19
- I tried a TP LInk Bluetooth 5 adapter as well as a Edimax Bluetooth 5 adapter (which specifically states that it supports most Linux distros)

Some infos that might be helpful:

- I am dual booting Windows 11 H2 and Kali 5.19.0-kali-amd64 with Gnome
- My motherboard does not have an internal bluetooth or wifi adapter.

Please let me know if there is any output you would like me to post or commands I should try.

At this point I am tempted to go back to Windows only since I need to be able to play audio through headphones (I live in a student dorm where I cant play audio out loud after 9 PM).

Any help from you guys would be much appreciated, thank you!