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Thread: Kismet won't run

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    Kismet won't run

    I'm pretty new to Kali but my Raspberry Pi 4 is up to date and upgraded as well. But each time I run Kismet I get ' Kismet exiting EXITING: Signal service thread complete'

    I'm running an Alfa (AWUS036NHA) card in monitor mode which is hanging out of my window so I can't really see why Kismet just sits there doing nothing.

    OK I'm 80 and should be doing other things than trying to get my Raspberry Pi to do somersaults through cyberspace but my grandson thinks I'm cool so I don't want to disapoint him by messing it up and not being able to open any tool in Kali.

    So could some one tell this old fool what he's doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot.


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    I don't like replying to my own posts but as no one replied I thought I'd let the Admin know I sold the Pi, much to my grandsons disbelief but I was finding it hard to cope with all those new fangled videos telling me what I should and shouldn't be doing with my RASPBERRY. Its mine and I'll do as I please with it.

    Anyway there's not much point in leaving the post up here any longer.


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