I have the pinefone pro. This is what I did:

  1. Installed the img via balena etcher onto a micro sd
  2. Booted the phone and have since been running kali on the phone

The problem is that the apps I can find on the phone is standard debian apps, like phone, maps,firefox etc. There are no "kali specific" apps. Which leads me to think I might have to run some commands to get them installed?

However, if I run:

sudo apt upgrade I only get that 0 need to be upgraded

while if I run sudo apt update it show two repos (Defect reported here, is that right(?) - Image dosen't contain Kali linux specific apps. It only holds basic debian software. Problem with release file not being valid yet on repor.mobian.org? (#5) ? Issues ? Kali Linux / NetHunter / build-scripts / kali-nethunter-pro ? GitLab ) and their release file not yet being valid. Is this my problem?

Thanks, br