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Thread: Can't connect remotely to monitor mode

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    Can't connect remotely to monitor mode

    I've got Kali Linux running on a laptop via a usb drive and its working fine. I've even got the persistence working as everything is still there when I reboot. The only problem at present is that the laptop has an alfa card (AWUS036NHA) running in monitor mode which stops me remotly connecting to it from a 10in windows 11 laptop.

    When I ifconfig the Kali machine it doesn't say what the IP address is (the same with iwconfig) so I can't enter those details in the windsows 11 laptop.

    Its the same with Putty which asks for a username which I think is kali as i haven't changed anything so far.

    Its infuriating as I've come this far and not be able to remotely access kali.

    If some one would tell me what I'm doing wrong I'd be most grateful.

    Thanks a lot.


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    Monitor mode is 'promiscious', it cannot connect to anything in this mode, it is merely 'listening' for all traffic that passes it by...
    So.. It doesn't have a valid IP to find or connect too..
    This is expected behaviour!

    Now, if you want to remotely access kali, you need the WiFi in its normal mode, and you will need to set up a VNC server on Kali and a client on Windows..OR you could use RDP or SSH to connect;

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    Yes, I'm now aware of this but not having any books on the subject and being relatively new to Kali I was trying desperately to connect with my Rapberry Pi. Now I know you can't connect to a Pi thats in Monitor Mode.

    THanks for your reply.


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