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Thread: Live USB will not boot

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    Live USB will not boot

    I am attempting to do a dual boot with Windows. I have change my boot options in BIOS and successfully booted into Kali and used Gparted to partition the drive. Following the instructions I then rebooted the machine. for some reason it is not booting the usb now. I went back into the BIOS ensured it is still set up to boot from the usb. After several attempts I still cannot get it to boot the usb. Has anyone ever ran into this issue? should I try to format the usb and reburn the iso image?

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    You say you have partitioned your drive, so presumably you installed Kali on its own partition?
    Is it not booting Kali installation and your trying to repair it with the bootrable USB?

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    Actually I have resolved this. My apologies for not posting that earlier. Turns out there was a menu separate from the bios that I had to go into for some reason. It has been several years since I have set up a dual boot and from what I remembered all I had to do was go into bios and set the boot order and it should have booted. However, the HP I just bought had a separate set up screen I had to enter to get it to boot.

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