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    new user help

    ok, im new to this whole thing but learning lots through experimenting and looking stuff up, but a few things i could use some help on, i know these are all pretty easy to most of you, but you got to start somewhere.
    i have kali in a vm, setup as per instructions and working well, my first problem was i never could finfd an ip address however i searched, then found that on a vm its the
    so my first question is, trying to hack myself, i can never do because i never get the intended target output..ex.. nmap never shows port or tcp etc, as other programs like wireshark all do the same, how do i get a response to follow a tutorial for example?
    i want to be able to hack myself to learn and get my password to check the steps? is it maybe because i cant get monitor mode?
    on a basic level what programs in order should i use to accomplish a hack to get onto the net? aimon/nmap?
    hope you get my meaning, apologize as new to this but wanting to learn...thanks in advance

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    If you are using Kali in a VM then you have a 'virtual ethernet' connection, you can't use the host machines WiFi card.
    If you want to scan for wireless you will need a USB WiFi adapter you can give exclusive access to the VM

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    If you want to know how to use the tools;

    and it does include links to original toolpages, usually on github etc, where you can often find more extensive help

    if you wanted to check for devices on your network, you would use..

    sudo nmap

    that /24 is a netmask.. it means 'ignore the first 24 bits of the IP address', or in other words, it would check IP's from -

    /16 would be - so would take much longer..

    even though your VM is on the network, your home router is probably on (or, and typically you will only be using the last octet..


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    If you are using virtual kai and the ip address is 10.x.x.x, you have created a nat network. If there is no second machine, it is normal not to be in the network, you are in an isolated area if the machine is added

    You can get clear results with "netdiscover" tool like nmap but easier

    sudo netdiscover

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    my question is regarding virus total. We all know that Virustotal is an online service that analyzes files and urls that enables the detection of viruses, worms etc. But how does virus total blocks our requests its an open source tool that works online. Actually i was using sublist3r, while scanning the search engines an error occurred and it shows
    [!] Error: Virustotal probably now is blocking our requests

    can anybody plz explain in layman's terms that how does it blocks our requests

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